My First Post!

Hello readers!

Welcome to A Little Dash Of Ginger!


(Please excuse my poor phone quality)

I can’t believe I have just started a blog. I was kind of reluctant to blogging at first, because it seemed like it would take up so much time. Then I thought of all the time I spend thinking about things I would blog about, and that’s probably the same amount of time as just typing it up!

I was inspired by all of the health and fitness blogs I have been reading. I decided I would create one with my own experience of discovering the health lifestyle. I don’t want to just post pictures of my foods, or lists of my workouts, but I also want to document my way through the rest of my senior year and through college as I continue to become healthier.

That’s where my name comes in. It originally had to do with cinnamon (because I absolutely love cinnamon and adding it to anything I can), and I wanted something that had to do with food because I do plan to blog about my working on a healthier diet. Cinnamon just didn’t click. So my little sister came up with ginger. I thought this fit perfectly because for one, I have red hair (and this blog will be a report of my life adventures), and two, this will be part of a healthy lifestyle blog. I am thankful I have such a creative little sister!

I have so much I want to blog about, so I hope my next few blogs won’t be too scattered as I try to catch all of that up. I haven’t created my about me just yet, I was too excited to write a first blog first!

One of my New Years resolutions, besides living a healthier life of course, was to be more positive, and more optimistic. I have a feeling this blog will be perfect for that. It will help me focus on the positive things in going on in my life, because I get so excited about posting about them!

Well I’m off to work, I just wanted to post my first blog first! Be sure to check out my about me soon because that is definitely on my to do list!


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